I didn’t get nearly as much done today as I’d hoped to. I had a list as long as my arm (however long my arm is), but only got a handful (!!) done. I spent this morning tidying the house, as we were due for an inspection from the letting agency. Amazingly it’s a full three months since we moved in! Scary. So anyway this lady came round this morning to check the place over. Thankfully it wasn’t too intense, she just kinda wandered round and said “yeah, that’s fine”. So that was good.

Then I did some work on the web site again, sorted some stuff out, put the washing on the line and went onto campus for lunch. I stayed there for a while, chatting to folks, which was nice. It does feel kinda wierd still being there, and having to explain to everyone that I’m not actually a student! Still, if I’m gonna see Ellie on a regular basis, I suppose that’s just something I’ll have to put up with…

When I got home I had more work to do on the web site, so other things got pushed aside. So I haven’t phoned the garage about getting my car fixed (it failed it’s MOT at the weekend on account of the front suspension wishbone which apparently is in need of replacement), nor did I go into town to visit the JobCentre and a few employment agencies, nor did I phone this guy about a Mini I’ve seen for sale, nor did I post my Colchester Mini Club application form (which is still sitting on my desk), nor did I sign and return my updated contract, nor have I sorted out my in-tray and done the paperwork, nor have I….. you get the picture!

So some of that will have to wait until tomorrow. Ah, the life of a working man…

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