Ok, development number 1 is that I’ve finally been told I can start working two days a week from now on! Hoorah! So I’ll now be doing web design more than one day a week, and getting paid for it, which is always nice! It taken its time in coming though, but I think I’ve got enough money lying around for the moment to cover my trip to London tomorrow, my car’s MOT and tax, and everything else I’m doing at the moment. Apparently it’ll be a full-time thing, too, rather than just a temporary two-day-week while there is a rush of things to do. We’ll have to see.

I’ve also discovered the joys of the hand blender. I’ve been making milkshake smoothies! I went out to Tesco the other day and bought a whole load of nice fruits and some chocolate and some ice cream, and this lunchtime I had two glassfuls of delicious… err… mush. The first one was mango, peach and banana, the second was chocolate and fudge. The second one needed a bit more working out, as it seems the hand blender can’t cope with breaking up large bits of chocolate, so I had to grate it instead. Still, twas very tasty! Bit of this, bit of that… endless possibilities!

I’m going onto campus now to have a jam session with Richard. I’ve rediscovered the clarinet, so I’m improvising on that while Rich plays piano, and then we swap round and I play piano while he plays trumpet. All good fun! Haven’t played the clarinet in ages though, so I’m still rather squeaky!

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Mum · 17 October 2005 at 10:17 pm

I thought you sold your clarinet !!!
How about this then – your mother working out how to communicate on the computer, all by herself too !!

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