Just got back from seeing a Mini. So exciting!!! Yey!!! Took me a while to get there (it was down in Kent), but it was definitely worth the drive. It’s a Mini Sidewalk, which is a special edition model (they only made 1000), in very good condition inside and out. I think it’s single-point injection, so performance is reasonably good, though maybe not quite as good as it might be. Still, I can tune the engine further if I feel like it, and if I can afford it. I think the thing that pleased me most was that it felt like coming home – all the gears were exactly where they ought to be, the engine behaved exactly as I expected it to, and there was good communication between car and driver from the moment the engine started!! It was so cool! Especially since thinking back to when I first got my Fiesta, and how it took me at least a month to perfect the gear changes and get used to how the car drove. This Mini I just got in and drove it perfectly! Yey!! I just need to talk to a few people, get their opinions on whether I should make an offer…

I’m also redesigning my blog, finally, and making the interface more up to date. I’m also thinking of transferring the whole Minipix suite of sites (this blog, the main Minipix area and my photo gallery) to a Content Management System. It would mean I couldn’t take complete credit for the site, though of course it would be completely my skill making it look the way I want, even if the back end is someone else’s!

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