It’s finally happened. I shall be constantly looking over my shoulder now on, making sure everything I say is strictly and carefully scripted by my PR consultant. Gone is the freedom of expression. Gone is the care-free lifestyle to which I had become accustomed. My computer will be monitored for mindless inactivity, my bedroom will be tidied (just in case), and I will have to be in bed by 10pm at the very latest, lest trouble and consternation should pass my way.

Both my parents are now using MSN Messenger.

No, seriously, it’s lovely to see them online! I had a lovely chat with my Dad the other day, and no doubt when my Mum comes back from being ‘away’ I shall chat to her too. It’s just a little odd. This was always the domain of the youngsters, and I guess I just never thought that older generations might catch on as well! And just for clarification, I’m not going to be paranoid over this, and I will not be going to bed before 11.

In other news, I had a lovely evening yesterday. Ellie and I went to the theatre to see a play called Paramour, which was very interesting and very clever, though I’m not sure I could describe the plot very easily! Then we went and joined a load of folks at a pub up the road to celebrate Sarah’s birthday. Which was a nice coincidence, because it was also Ellie’s birthday! We all played the pub quiz and ate an enormous pudding, my team lost the quiz (29 out of 100), and I think Ellie and I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening!

And today I have the house to myself, because both my housemates are at work. Yes, Anne-Marie has got herself a job! But I’ll let her tell everyone about that herself, rather than steal her thunder…

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Phill · 27 October 2005 at 1:17 pm

I haven’t told my Mum about MSN – I’d never have any peace if I did 😉

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