I’m going to see a Mini tomorrow! Yey!! It’s in Kent, which means it’s a fair old drive away, but hopefully it’ll be worth it. It’s a Kingfisher Blue (turquoise, basically) Mini Sidewalk, and from the photo looks in good condition. I’ve just been doing some research to find out some more about that particular model, and come up with some interesting results. Apparently there were only 1000 of these produced in the UK, so it’s a fairly rare special edition, which is nice. Comes with a nice 1275cc engine, a few chrome bits on the outside, and tartan seats. So hopefully it should go pretty well, considering it’s got an engine the same size as my Fiesta but with less car to pull along! And, being a Mini engine, it’ll probably pump out more power anyway!! Heehee!!!

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Phill · 28 October 2005 at 8:57 am

Excuse my ignorance, but – are mini engines generally known for pumping out lots of power? I know nothing about cars… and even less about minis!

Matthew · 28 October 2005 at 10:34 am

[WARNING: This is boring trivia, ignore it at your discretion] The Mini uses an ‘A-Series’ engine, which was the standard engine block used by Austin and Morris back in th 60s, but which proved to be such a fantastic construction that they tried to put it in every car they made. It’s been refined over the years, too, and had extra bits bolted on. For instance, I know of a Mini with a 1.4 litre A-Series which produces about 110bhp normally, and with a little nitrous hits about 160bhp! That’s enough to put even a modern sporty roadcar in its place!

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