I found a piece of software yesterday. There, bet you’re glad you read my blog now, aren’t you? Hmm? Oh, the delights of finding software…

No, seriously, I did find a piece of software. I’ve been looking for it for a while, or something matching my strict criteria. Basically what I wanted was a wysiwyg html editor that didn’t mess around too much with the code, was sensible in the way it coded the html, and would seemlessly link into a style sheet that was online rather than stored on the computer you were working on. Even Dreamweaver doesn’t appear to do that! But I found a nice open source program called Nvu (pronounced N-view) which runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OSX, has a simple and straightforward interface, handles wysiwyg very well, and has FTP integration to make things even swifter! It’s really good! And you can edit the raw html if you want and it doesn’t complain. And the code it generates is really nice and tidy, I’m very impressed. Ok, so it might not provide all the really complicated functions that Dreamweaver might, but for simple editing it’s superb.

Incidentally, this editor isn’t for me, I’m happy using jEdit. This is for people at work, so that they can edit their own pages on the web site without having to know anything about html. It doesn’t need to be idiot-proof for my benefit!! Not that the people at work are idiots…. ok, I’ll stop talking now…

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Phill · 4 October 2005 at 12:22 pm

Hmmm, looks good. Finally, a visual editor that does clean HTML code! I’d use it but I tend to find WYSIWYG editors for me take longer because I can never get them to do exactly what I want (plus, I’m not a graphic designer so I don’t actually need to look at sites I’m designing!)

Phill · 9 October 2005 at 9:45 pm

Nothing to do with this blog post, Matthew, but thinking about your MSN name… you should re-write Elgar’s “The Music Makers” (not sure if that’s what it’s called) to be “We are the tea makers, we are the drinkers of the tea” 🙂

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