I had a busy day today. First of all I went to campus to pick up a load of students to take them to Fordham church as part of the CU’s ‘Church Flirt’ programme (visiting all sorts of churches in Colchester, this week they were visiting Fordham). I three in the back of my car, and was going to meet Amy at Tesco, but she was running late so we had to go on without her in the end, which was a shame.

Fordham was nice. Same as I remember. Several of the congregation recognised me, which was nice. Though I suppose that’s to be expected – I was a regular member there for two and a half years! Mike’s sermon was typically intellectual and pushed several boundaries, which was refreshing, if a little intimidating at times. They put on a student lunch for us afterwards, which was nice. Tim went and collected Amy, too, so she managed to join us for the food if nothing else!

Then in the afternoon from 4 till 6 we had a Christians on Campus prayer thingum in LTB6. I had been asked to play guitar, which was fine, but the whole thing appeared to me to be rather unorganised. I felt rather awkward before it started, because I didn’t have a clue what was going on, and assumed that nothing had been properly sorted out. Thankfully though things were in hand, and other people knew what was going on, even if I didn’t! The session was good in the end, we had a good period of sung worship with a band formed from all the Christian groups on campus, a talk from the new Friends International guy, an illustration from Vic, and a time of prayer at the end. It’s so great when God steps in and takes something so simple and makes it into something spectacular! It was also quite humbling, putting me in my place – it made me remember that it’s not my job to organise everything any more, so it wasn’t my place to get stressed about it all!

This evening we all invaded Mr Phill’s place. I had to transport everyone, which meant a lot of driving around, to and fro, but it was good fun once we were all there. We ordered pizza (which was very tasty), and watched a couple of Monty Python sketches (which were very odd) and a Wierd Al music video (which was very funny). I think a good time was had by all, judging by the amount of laughter and general jolity. We also bumped into Paul and Gemma just before we left – I haven’t seen them in ages, so it was nice to see them, if only briefly!

Tomorrow I have every intention not to drive anywhere, not to do anything stressful, and not to rush around trying to do things. I wonder how long that plan will last…

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