Two posts in one day… gosh, I must really live an exciting life…

Well, I’ve just copied all my documents over to my Mac from my PC. I kinda figured I’ve only really been using the PC as an extra storage facility since I got the Mac, so I might as well put everything onto the Mac and just open the PC-only files fron the PC as and when I need to. It’ll save having two computers on all the time anyway. Thing is, I’ve discovered through doing this that I’ve got 5.2Gb of personal files! That’s ridiculous! Admittedly, some of that is music, and a large proportion is photos, but even so!

I’ve also just downloaded a nice program called CyberDuck, which is an FTP and SSH program. That just means I can log into various web servers and upload files and stuff. Useul for managing web sites. Which all means that with using jEdit for writing HTML files, and Gimp for editing graphics, I’ll never need to use the PC for web design again! Yey!

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Alex · 27 September 2005 at 12:54 pm

It’s still a Mac though isn’t it…

Phill · 27 September 2005 at 7:58 pm

Designers have been using Macs for years, it’s no surprise you don’t have to use a PC. I guess if you’re going to use a Mac, you might as well use OSX (built on *nix systems, they couldn’t get it right without nicking other code ;-). By the way – 5.2GB of personal files? PAH! I’ve got at least 5.3! (I don’t know how much I have, probably 10-15GB. 5.2 is not much these days, Matthew, not with Broadband and P2P programs 😉

Simon · 27 September 2005 at 8:22 pm

I almost have enough personal files to fill a CD! What’s that, 700MB or something?!?

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