I’ve always found that daydreaming and general procrastination is always most enjoyable when there is plenty of work to do. This week, for instance, there have been a whole load of things I really should have done. I should have fixed the lawnmower and trimmed the lawn. I should have tidied my room. I should have been out looking for a job. I should have been out and got a hair cut. But no, I’ve spent the last few days writing a novel. Much to Anne-Marie’s annoyance (she’s trying to write a couple of novels too) I’ve written well over 4000 words for one and a half chapters, and I’m reasonably pleased with the content too. It’s a sort of comedy sci-fi novel. I won’t go into detail about the plot, it’s rather complicated! I’ll just have to be careful with it though – AM would kill me if I got published before she did!

I also decided to have a change of mouse. As in computer mouse. I decided to get rid of the tail, exchanging the USB mouse for a cordless one. It’s quite cute, and significantly smaller than the other one. But it’s still a mouse. It still clicks. It still scrolls. Don’t I live such an interesting life…

Actually, truth be told, I have just got back from a fantastic weekend. Friday I went down to see Ellie, and went to a local pub to meet up with some of her friends. They’re a mad lot, absolutely bonkers. Apparently they tend to scare off most people who meet them. Strangely though I felt somehow quite at home with them – I guess most of my friends from school and uni have been similarly crazy! Then on Saturday Ellie and I went down to Torquay for my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary. That was good fun, nice to see family again, and Ellie seemed to cope all right with my odd family, which was a relief! She came to our church on the Sunday morning too (first time she’s been to a Baptist church!) which was quite pleasant. Then we drove back to hers, I stayed overnight again and drove back to Wivenhoe on the Monday. Lots of driving, but thankfully I quite enjoy it.

So I guess, on reflection, if anyone was to complain about how I haven’t done much recently, I could more satisfactorily use the excuse that I have been driving round the country and haven’t really been here… yeah, I’ll stick to that one!

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Phill · 7 September 2005 at 1:26 pm

Ellie’s friends at home are crazy, and tend to scare people off? That must be why she fits in so well at the chaplaincy (and gets on so well with Alex…)

A-M · 17 September 2005 at 11:17 pm

Too right I would kill you. 😉 How would you like to die?

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