Passing the time

I’ve just rearranged my desk. It didn’t need doing, I just felt like doing it! I’ve moved my printer under the computer table, moved the whole desk forward about 4cm, and generally given myself a lot more space. Not quite sure why I needed to do that. Never mind. Hopefully when Anne-Marie gets back she’ll bring a nice big door from her old wardrobe which I can use as a desktop surface, which will make everything look much better (at the moment I’ve got two desks pushed together, but they’re slightly different heights and completely different colours).

Well, I had better get back to doing something productive here. I’ve got some nice jazz playing, the sun is shining, and I have every intention of going about whatever it is I’ll end up doing in a very relaxed and laid-back way. Maybe I’ll just stop and have a drink first. And then lunch. And then maybe sit out in the sun for a bit. These things have got to be done, you know, the life of a web designer is hard work…

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