Well I’ve had a fairly productive day so far. This morning I went into town and bought two small chests of drawers for three quid each, which was something of a bargain. The tops are a bit scratched, which is what brought the price down, but I’m hoping to use them as part of my desk eventually, so they’ll have another surface over the top anyway. Then I went and got my hair cut, did a little shopping, then went to lunch at the Flag. Since then I’ve washed my car and tidied my room, and it’s all very satisfying! One of the units I bought this morning is now in my room, giving me more storage space, meaning that now I can actually see my floor! First time since I moved in…

I’m gonna have another drink now (it’s very hot here) and then have a look at the car again. I’ve got some de-rusting stuff that I’m gonna try, and some touch-up paint to fill in the spots where some nasty stones have been kicked up onto the front of my car. Trouble is, it’s rather scary, I don’t want it to eat into my car and make it fall apart… and I still haven’t sorted out the little pond, which has filled up with weed again. And I need to do some more to my novel too, but that can probably wait til this evening.

Oh, and if anyone has a nice big bit of wood they’d like to donate for me to use as a desktop surface, do let me know!

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