First half of my computer

Well, my keyboard arrived today. I now have a lovely Apple USB keyboard to go with my new Mac when it arrives. Very exciting! It wasn’t exactly the model I was hoping for, but it’ll do just fine. It’s got a pink underside to the keyboard – not sure if that’s a good thing or not! I don’t really have anything else that it would go with, so it might stand out a bit, but then again, it is pink, so I’m sure Ellie will approve! I also seem to be able to type faster on this new keyboard, the keys are slightly nicer, and much quieter.

I went round to Phill’s flat last night to watch a film. Very nice flat indeed. And a very nice computer, too. Very quiet, very posh. However, he did manage to spoil it all by saying that Macs weren’t real computers, and were only for poncey arty types! How ridiculous. Admittedly, I am buying the computer mainly for the fact that it looks nice, but that’s beside the point…

5 thoughts on “First half of my computer

  1. This Mac thing is just more evidence that you are denying your computer science upbringing… you’re turning your back on us, Matthew! 😉

  2. HA! Hahahahaha – you kids crack me up. Though, Matthew, my roommate has a Mac and she loves it. I, for the life of me, can’t figure out how it works…

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