Yey!! My new computer has arrived! It’s so cool! I’m writing this on my new Mac, using Apple’s very posh Safari browser, which so far seems a lot faster than anything else I’ve used. The Mac OS X Tiger interface is really sweet, so smooth and impressive, I love it! Just shows that Apple have actually put some thought into their operating system, unlike Microsoft, who seemed perfectly happy shipping XP while it still looked like Fisher Price had sponsored it! No, this is a real computer for real people, for people who like their computers to look like it’s been put together well. I’ve already got it all linked up to the network, and I have access to all my files on my PC, though I suspect this computer will get a lot more use than the PC from now on! It’s so cool! (Sorry, did I mention that it was cool earlier??)

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Phill · 24 September 2005 at 12:08 am

Bah humbug. Soon you’ll realise that it’s proprietary, just like Microsoft software, and as such limited :-p I’ll have to pop round at some point just to, uh, see how bad it really is 😉

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