Today I went shopping. With two girls. It was actually quite fun though, so no complaints there! First off we went to Matalan because I wanted some new jeans, to replace the ones where both knees have worn through. Neither AM or Esther had been to Matalan before, so I had to introduct them! It’s a fantastic shop, reasonable clothing for very good prices. I, or rather ‘we’, spent ages trying to find me some nice jeans. There were loads of different sorts, and I don’t seem to be very good at making decisions! In the end I found some I liked, and then went looking at t-shirts as well. So after a good three quarters of an hour finding me two items of clothing, we all went round to the womenswear section to choose some clothing for AM. Funnily enough I was much better at making decision about those! I could easily pick out what looked good and what didn’t, and what suited AM and what would suit Esther. But then, as AM said, we more naturally take notice of what the opposite sex is wearing, which makes it easier to be objective when selecting clothes for someone else!

So that was a good hour and a half’s shopping, and by that time it was lunchtime, so we stopped off at Tesco. Only to find that the restaurant is closed for refurbishing. Grr. So we ended up just rushing (or rather dawdling, as it turned out) round doing our food shopping and then coming home for lunch.

Other than that, I’ve almost finished writing my sermon for Sunday, we’ve had a lovely candle-lit dinner (just because we could, not because we were in romantic moods…), and now I’m messing around on my computer again.

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Phill · 16 September 2005 at 11:33 pm

Messing around on one’s computer is overrated. I haven’t done any ‘geeking’ in a while, so I decided to stay up late tonight installing Gentoo Linux. Ok, so that’s probably not the kind of messing around you were thinking of, but still! You did do computer science 😉

Matthew · 17 September 2005 at 10:16 am

Maybe so, but I’ve put those days behind me, I am free of the CompSci curse… except that I’m now primarily a web designer, which does tend to involve using computers on a fairly regular basis!

A-M · 17 September 2005 at 11:19 pm

Now this is fun. Now I know what you do with your life. Hmmmm, how best to exploit this?

Alex · 20 September 2005 at 11:08 am

I find the best way is to make silly comments at the bottom…

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