Yesterday was a fantastic day, a real answer to prayer. I’ve been kinda struggling for a while now with my personal time with God, praying and reading the Bible and all that, it’s been something of a cause for concern. But yesterday was exactly what I needed, and it was such a breath of fresh air! I went to a new church in the morning, driving out to Orchard Baptist Church for their morning service. The worship was wonderful, just what I needed, very uplifting. It was the first time in quite a while that I could really enter into the spirit of it, and really experience God in a real and present way. It was wonderful! Very humbling too, though, realising just how long I’d gone without God, and realising how much I do actually need him! It was like I was a bottle that had been slowly leaking without me noticing, and then God filled me to overflowing and I realised how empty I had been!

Yesterday evening I went to a play. I have to admit I didn’t really know what I was going to, having not been told what it was all about! Gavin just told me to come, and I gave Anna and Lucy a lift. It was in Barking, and there were a load of CU folks going, which was nice. As it turns out, it was a musical about the life of Jesus, but I only found out once the show had started. It was also the first time I had sat in the very front row – very exciting! The show was really powerful, and very imaginitive. There are a lot of musicals that are empty and cheesy, but this had a great storyline (obviously) and the music seemed to fit in perfectly. The performance was really top-notch, they had some very interesting casting (Jesus was bald and looked decidedly Middle-Eastern). It also struck me as the tears were flowing that I’ve not come across any other character, real or fictional, that I felt so strongly about, that I would weep when he was in pain, and hated those who hated him. Jesus really is the most amazing person ever!

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Megan · 26 September 2005 at 8:04 pm

That bottle analogy was really great – I liked that, thanks. Also, I’ll be keeping you in my prayers. Finding good, quality time with God can be so difficult. We are so stubborn, aren’t we?

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