Two life-changing things happened this week. Things will never be the same…

Firstly, the other day my mum had a car accident. Thankfully she’s ok, just a scrape on her knee. But the Mini was written off. Not good. My dad sent me a photo of our poor dead Lulu, and it’s not a pretty sight. Seems mum was pulling out of a side road, having been let out by another driver, but when she pulled out another driver came down the outside lane and smashed into the front wing. So we are now no longer the proud owners of a Mini. Hopefully her parts will be put to good use though – we’re hoping to be able to sell her to the local Mini Centre for spares. Almost like having a donor card I suppose.

The second, while not so dramatic, is just as important to my life. I ceased to be the Chaplaincy Assistant! Well, technically my employment stops at the end of this month, which is Thursday, but I’m not working today as Wednesdays I do web design for the Diocese. So yesterday I met up with my successor, Alex, to show him the ropes. We chatted for a few hours, I showed him where everything is, explained a few things to him, and gave him the keys! Very scary! It’s odd to think that the next time I go to the chaplaincy it’ll be as a visitor. I have no authority there any more. I can’t tell people what to do. I can’t put random pages up on the web site. Then again, I don’t have to keep the place tidy either… 🙂

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Liz · 31 August 2005 at 2:47 pm

Once a Chap Ass, always a Chap Ass! Long live the Chap Ass! 🙂

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