Well, we finally have internet here now, which is nice. So I’ve been doing some more web design, trying to do something with the Mini section of the site. I actually liked Phill’s idea of putting pictures of Minis up there, but I thought to make it more original I would make it somewhere where I could document my life as a Mini fanatic! So I’ve got the basics of a site up there now, and will no doubt add to it in due course. Click here to see it.

I’m actually going on holiday tomorrow. I’m on annual leave from the chaplaincy as of today, and for just under three weeks (been saving it up all year!). Today I’m planning on doing some gardening at my old house, clearing out the weeds that have taken over the garden! And then tomorrow afternoon/evening I’m planning on driving down to see Ellie again, before meeting up with my parents at my grandparents’ house in Bristol. We’re going on a camping holiday in north Wales for two weeks, which should be fun! I’ll probably start packing tonight, and finish off tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it a lot, and I can’t wait to see Ellie too! It’s been far too long…

Right, well I’m taking a friend to the hospital later for an appointment, so I guess I’d better stop rambling and actually finish getting up!

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Phill · 2 August 2005 at 1:32 pm

Gave up on the idea of using “X-Blog” for it then?

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