The future of minipix

Just thought I’d share this little pondering with all you peeps who seem to keep coming back here despite the drivel… I was thinking this morning about what I should do with the ‘main’ MiniPix part of this site, the original bit that has pictures of Minis on it. I’ve not had much time for it in the last few years, and it’s laid unchanged and neglected for ages. I’ve probably still got some requests from people on the net asking for new pictures to be drawn, which I’ve not got round to doing anything about. The question is, do I continue that site as it is, or develop it further into something different along the same idea, or remove it completely and just use it to host my blog and the photolounge? If anyone has any bright ideas or suggestions, do let me know!!

2 thoughts on “The future of minipix

  1. Keep the icons bit as a section (maybe just an archive), and use the rest of the site to have some cool artwork of minis 🙂 I would happily browse through a site like that, I love looking at digital artwork and I think minis would be a good subject 🙂

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