Pondering tomorrow

I had my last ever staff meeting with Julian yesterday afternoon – very wierd. It’s kinda scary to think that I’m actually coming to the end of my time here. In just a few weeks’ time I will no longer be ChapAss, no longer be tied to the university in any way. Not sure how I’m feeling about that right now, it’s such a mix of emotions. On the one hand I’m gonna miss this place, miss the familiarity, miss the constant contact with people I know and love, miss the involvement in university life, miss the atmosphere. On the other hand, I’m looking forward to escaping this concrete prison with its oppressive narrow corridors and a pitiful excuse for a hill, looking forward to being able to live my own life without people looking to me as a formal representative of the church.

I’ve also been thinking about what church I’m going to end up going to. In some ways it would be nice to keep coming to the chaplaincy occasionally, as it would provide an opportunity to carry on supporting the community here, and provide a way of staying in touch with people. But I’m also feeling that this small chaplaincy community is just too small for me. I want to be part of a bigger church, where the music group doesn’t consist of just one person, where there is a large wealth of variety and skills to enjoy the company of. I think come September I might have to start church-hunting again! I might go to St John’s again, and apparently Prettygate Baptist Church is quite good, as is Orchard Baptist… the other option of course is to start my own church in Wivenhoe, but I think that’s a little too adventurous for now!!

6 thoughts on “Pondering tomorrow

  1. What I did when I moved back into Colchester is say, “I’m going to act as if I’d never been to a church in Colchester”… then what I did is go to one other church, then start going back to the church I went to as a student. Having said that, I do really like it there! Starting your own church in Wivenhoe – well, maybe it’ll become the next “Soul Survivor” 😉

  2. As your sucessor I think you should hear what one of your predecessors told me after I got the job.

    “Once a Chap Ass, always a Chap Ass” – Think you won’t escape it that easily… (and as someone whose coming into the job thats kinda scary!)

  3. Once a ChapAss, always a ChapAss? Hmmm, yes, that’s why all the ChapAsses in recent memory have moved away and actually got lives outside of Essex Uni – maybe they’re just trying to escape…

  4. Yeah, go back to Fordham! (I loved it there, you know, the whole two times I visited…hehe)

  5. Go to Fordham! I really regret not having gone there more as a student! Great Bible teaching and lovely friendly people …

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