Ian moved most of his stuff out of the house today, leaving very little here at all. Apart from all my stuff of course, which is mostly already packed and ready to go. Moving tomorrow!! Yey!! We’ll be going to the letting agency tomorrow at 11am, signing the contract, and then going to the house to be shown round and given the keys! Then it’ll be the long task of shifting all Anne-Marie and Esther’s stuff from Greenstead to Wivenhoe, and if there’s time I’ll move my stuff as well, but that may have to wait until Friday. It’s all rather exciting! Of course it’ll probably mean I’ll be offline for a couple of days, just while things get sorted. Unless of course Anne-Marie really can’t stay away from Runescape. Or unless I have a sudden uncontrollable urge to check my e-mails. Or unless Esther has a burning desire to order a 50ft luxury yacht online. Which is unlikely.

I still haven’t packed my computer away (which is obvious by the fact that I’m using it to add to my blog). I guess that’ll have to be done at some point. There are also a few odds and ends scattered round the room, but I’m gonna have to empty a box or two before I can pack that I reckon. Still, I’ve got my own car, and a couple of days left of my holiday, so I’ve got plenty of time to move out! If necessary I could even still be moving out of here on the Saturday! But I think I’d prefer to be out by Friday if I can, if I can’t get it all out tomorrow. Still need to buy a bed. And a sofa. And build myself a desk. And invest in a large inflatable gazebo. And discover a long-lost relative in Outer Mongolia. Some of those may have to wait a while though… not sure how easy it’s gonna be to buy a sofa…

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Phill · 14 July 2005 at 9:33 am

Good luck with moving, Matthew, hope it goes well! 🙂

Liz · 14 July 2005 at 8:52 pm

Buying a sofa is surprisingly hard actually!

Alex · 15 July 2005 at 5:14 pm

I thought buying sofas was rather soft… Hvae fun wiht the move!

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