Yesterday we did a Graduation Service in the chaplaincy for those students graduating (the ceremonies are split over two days, so yesterday and today). Julian had decided I was best placed to give the sermon, as I’ve graduated most recently. So that was fine, I don’t mind that! Preaching is actually something I really enjoy, partly because it’s such a great privilege to be able to do it, and partly because God seems to have blessed me with the ability to do it well (so I’m told). That said, I’m still coming at it from a Baptist perspective, so planning talks that are about 40 minutes long! I think I did get carried away one week and ended up talking for more like 50 minutes…

Anyway, yesterday’s sermon was supposed to be short – I was aiming for about 20 minutes – and I actually found it quite difficult. Fitting everything into a short amount of time is actually quite a skill, not something I had really appreciated before. I can quite happily spend 5 minutes just explaining a funny story or illustration! Needless to say, my 20 minute sermon lasted more like 25 minutes, and I was exhausted by the end from rushing through it! I was supposed to be doing the same sermon again today, as we were going to do another service for those graduating today, but no one turned up so I didn’t end up preaching today after all. Probably a good thing though; I doubt God likes repeats any more than I do!

I’m hoping to go shopping tomorrow to get some essential house items, like a sofa, and a bed, and a microwave, and a hoover… apparently there’s a nice charity shop on Hythe Hill that stocks that kind of thing, and does deliveries too. Unfortunately I’ve discovered that my internet connection may take a while to come through – seems Eclipse couldn’t find out my phone number, so I had to give it to them, so it probably won’t be connected up until next week now. Frustrating, as I’ll have to come into uni to do Diocese web stuff, which isn’t anywhere near as convenient. Still, we’ll get there eventually.

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Phill · 21 July 2005 at 4:32 pm

But you have a car now, Matthew, you don’t have to walk onto campus! It’s only a few minutes for you to get onto campus. I was without the internet for two weeks when I moved into Colchester, just one of those things that goes with moving!

Matthew's Dad · 21 July 2005 at 6:26 pm

Nothing wrong with a Baptist perspective. We like long sermons because there’s such a lot to learn!

Joe B · 21 July 2005 at 11:04 pm

40 minutes? Is that all? You should try life in the Free Evangelical Church … Good to hear you’re enjoying it though! (And no, there’s nothing wrong with a baptist perspective)

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