Well, I’ve pretty much moved into my house now. The downstairs is nice and tidy and everything is sorted in the kitchen and garage. Just the upstairs to sort out now. My bedroom is still a tip, and hasn’t got much furniture in yet! Hopefully I’ll be going into town the end of this week to buy a bed and maybe a couple of chests of drawers, but at the moment I’m sleeping on the floor. Internet still isn’t set up either, so I’m having to depend on the university connection. Bit of a bother really, as Eclipse won’t tell me when they’re hoping to connect me. Which is a problem as I’m supposed to be doing web design for the Diocese later this week! Hopefully it’ll all get sorted before then, it’s just a bit of an inconvenience at the moment. I think Anne-Marie is missing the internet too! Esther is somehow managing to find herself anywhere but in Wivenhoe at the moment – she left shortly after we moved in, came back for graduation and is off again tomorrow to go home for her birthday I think.

It was nice to see Ellie again though. She came up a few days ago to ‘tidy her house’, and to see folks here! Seems she likes our new house too! Then again, I quite like her lounge and kitchen too, very stylish. We went to see Batman Begins yesterday afternoon, which was fantastic film! We weren’t the only ones in the cinema, but we were the only ones laughing!! I’d quite like Batman’s car though, looks very nice! Not sure what the fuel economy would be like though…

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