This week has been rather busy, being off at the CU Summer Houseparty at Thorrington Scout Camp. I had a great time, it was absolutely fantastic!! The weather wasn’t quite as good as previous years, but Chris did a superb job of organising the event down to the last detail, and I didn’t notice a single hitch or problem all week. So hats off to you, Chris – as an ex-VP I know what’s involved in planning a houseparty on this scale, and I think you coped with it very well!

I did do far more running around than I have done for a long time. We had a ‘wide game’ one afternoon, where we were split into three teams, each given some random objects and told to go and make a base somewhere in the woods. We than had to go and steal items from other people’s bases, with a complicated system of lives and attacks with bits of chalk! It was great fun, but exhausting!! I’ve not sprinted in years – it was quite liberating, but didn’t really do me much good!!! I was on the winning team though, which was good.

The talent show was good fun too! Ian and I did a drama sketch, a la Monty Python, about the Ministry of Silly Jokes. Seemed to go down very well, and everyone laughed a lot!!! Ian takes most credit for it, as it was his idea initially, though we both contributed about the same amount of material and had even amount of content. The hardest part for us both was not laughing while everyone else was!! I also did a few tribute items (though I didn’t make it clear who the tributes were to) – I sang some Jamie Cullum for Alice, I sang Deeper by Delerious (Andy C had sung it a few years ago at a houseparty talent show), and I sang Halleluia from Shrek (for anyone in the audience who enjoyed the childish side of life)! Andy H and Benji did a couple of films too, acting out the plot together in double-quick time – it was so funny!! There were some more sketches and some more musical items, all of which was fantastic. Just a shame I didn’t have my camera with me at the time!

And finally, last night I went to PhilB’s house for an end of term party. It was just a select few who made it in the end – other people were either already home or packing or had other things to do. Still, those of us who were there had a good time, just sat chatting and listening to music and eating popcorn until about 3am! I’m quite tired now, but at least the sun’s shining today so I’m in a good mood. Might go for a walk later, if I run out of things to do…

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