I finally got my own back on Ellie today. After a year of her winding me up, teasing, playing jokes on me, I’ve finally managed to strike back! The main cause for revenge is the bean bath thing that she recommended and volunteered me for, and for which she has been putting lots of money on me to ensure I get the beans tomorrow. So today I told her very calmly that I had something for her; I told her to close her eyes, no peaking, told her to hold out her hands, then I put something in her hands which was completely unrelated, and then squirted squirty cream in her face!!! Mwa ha ha ha ha!!! Not sure she was too impressed, and I didn’t intend to get it in her hair, and I do love her really, but it was sooooooo worth it!!!! I was on a high all the way home…

Just got to try and think of something for Alex now. But he’s here next year too, so there’s plenty of time!

We’ve got the SU Summer Ball tonight, which I’m going to. Was getting ready just now, and discovered to my dismay that I haven’t actually got any white shirts that fit. Grrr. Both the shirts I’ve got with me are too long in the sleeve. Then again, they are both age 13. Just shows how little I grew when I was at school, and how little I’ve worn them since!!! Oh well, I’ll just have to stop off at Tesco on my way to uni this evening and pick a shirt up and hope it fits…

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Ellie · 17 June 2005 at 6:23 pm

Id like to refere you (Matthew) to my email entitled ‘A Bone’ sent to essex.ac.uk!

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