Everything seems to be slotting nicely into place at the moment, it’s really cool!! God seems to have just placed a whole load of things at my feet in such a perfect way that I never thought possible! For starters, we’ve handed in our forms for the house for next year, and they haven’t phoned us asking for more details so I can only assume that the money side of things should be ok, which means we’ll be able to have the house!! It’s not confirmed yet, but it’s looking fairly certain at the moment. Then, on Sunday night, I asked Ellie out, and she accepted!!! Yey!!! So now I’ve got an Ellie to look after… woohoo!! And if that wasn’t enough, today I went and had a look at a car, which fits EXACTLY the criteria I roughly drew up about a week ago. I wanted something like a Fiesta or a Corsa, for about 800, in reasonable condition, to last me until I could find a Mini that I could afford. I’ve been and test-driven this evening a spotless red Fiesta, for sale for 800 – absolutely amazing! I haven’t said I’ll definitely buy it yet, but I have said I’m very interested and I’ll let them know tomorrow, which is all very exciting!! Just got to talk it through with my Dad and make sure everything’s ok, then sort out some insurance…

It would be so cool to have a car – it would make going to campus to see Ellie so much easier! And of course it would mean I could go and visit her during the holidays when she’s not here. God’s timing really is amazing. Odd, but amazing. Ellie’s going home in under a week, which doesn’t leave us much time together before she’s at home for three months… Not exactly ideal! God’s definitely got a sense of humour! Still, if God wants to provide me with a car so that I can go and visit, I’m happy with that! Also means I can go and see my family too, which I’m sooo looking forward to. Spoke to my brother on the phone earlier, first time in ages!

Current mood: over the moon and giddy as a schoolboy!

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Phill · 29 June 2005 at 10:16 am

Well, may I be the first person (on your blog comments) to wish you and Ellie congratulations! That’s really good news 🙂 Re: God having a sense of humour – it’s obvious that he does, just look at me and Phil… anyway, nice one!

Peter · 29 June 2005 at 11:32 am

Phill · 29 June 2005 at 4:12 pm

Incidentally, just how giddy are schoolboys supposed to be? Are they well-known for being particularly giddy? I was a schoolboy once, and I don’t remember being particularly giddy…

Hertzsprung · 29 June 2005 at 9:56 pm

$ cat blog.txt | grep ‘Ellie’ | wc -w
integer overflow

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