Well, I’m back from the second houseparty now. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I was expecting, given that it was so soon after the CU houseparty and that I didn’t really know many people there. I made lots of new friends while I was there, enjoyed lots of good sunshine and quiet countryside, had several nice chats about Jesus with folks who seemed genuinely interested (which was so refreshing!), and had lots of fun on the Go Karts! Yep, the place had its own Go Kart track!! It was so much fun! Not wide enough to overtake, but jolly fast karts so that made it interesting. We also had a talent show one evening; my group did what was effectively a musical, performing an updated version of the parable of the Good Samaritan with me providing musical accompaniment on the piano and some singing, and we finished off by all singing the Neighbours theme song! It went really well, and we won the talent show with that act. We also played silly party games til about 3am on two of the nights, which I think we all enjoyed!

Today has been fairly busy, so not much rest from the week. As Julian and I have both been away on conferences and stuff this week, all preparation for tomorrow’s morning service has had to be done today. It was my turn to give the sermon, so I had to write all of that today. I also had to sort out the music side of the service, as I’m not going to be able to play and preach at the same time! Thankfully Phil and Phill have stepped in, so many thanks to them! I also had to take a trip down to the letting agency to hand in my application form for the house for next year. Everything seems ok so far, the details will just be passed on to the right people and they’ll get back to us as soon as it’s all be confirmed. Hopefully there won’t be any problems there; time is pushing on and we need to be sure we are moving in. I also went for a drink with Ellie this afternoon, which was really lovely. We went to a place called “All Fired Up” in town, where you get to have drinks and stuff but also paint your own pottery too!! Ellie painted a moulded Eyeore, and I got creative with a big mug, which will no doubt come in useful for having BIG mugs of tea next year!

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Phill · 27 June 2005 at 12:47 pm

No probs about the music, Matthew – we enjoyed doing it! Big mugs of tea are always good, I have a big mug at home for use in the mornings. Nice…

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