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I’ve tweaked the colour scheme of my blog, as promised. I think it’s getting there, slowly but surely. I did try a white text on black background, but didn’t find it particularly easy to read so reverted back to black on white. I’ve also put the welcome in the top picture, just to be different. I’m also thinking of putting in a links bar at the top, linking to a few other pages that might be relvant.

We also went and had a look at a house today in Wivenhoe. It’s really nice!!! We like it a lot. Nice quiet cul-de-sac, good size garage plus parking space outside, nice big garden with two ponds and a greenhouse and a shed and a bbq and a patio and a bird-feeder (yey!!), a nice big lounge/diner which comes complete with a big dining table and six chairs (woohoo!), clean new kitchen with fan oven and gas hob, tumble drier (!!!!), two good sized bedrooms upstairs with lots of wardrobe space in each, and a smaller bedroom. And a loft.

The only down side to it all is the decor. Walking through the house I could just imagine the sort of person who would have lived there: an Essex couple with not a huge amount of money but liked to think they had lots, mid 50s, either a labrador or a small yappy dog, Rover in the garage, Barry Manilow playing on the tape deck, daytime tv on whether anyone was watching it or not. You get the picture! The master bedroom is purple. I mean REALLY purple. And the second bedroom is pink. The small bedroom is green I think, so I’ll probably end up there. Esther wasn’t too sure about the bright orange walls of the bathroom either. We might think about asking the landlords very nicely if we can have some of the walls painted in slightly lighter shades of their present colours, but we’ll have to see. And it really isn’t that much of a problem – once we have all our stuff in there I doubt we’ll really notice the colour of the walls. And it is a lovely house! We’ve already given the letting agency our holding fee, and we’ve got the forms to fill in, so it’s all rather exciting!!! Yey!! So we’re now looking forward to having lots of people round for a bbq party in our nice garden, watching the fish go by, and watching our tomatoes grow in the greenhouse… ooh, I can’t wait!!!

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Phill · 10 June 2005 at 10:15 pm

Yay! Yay for the new house game! Oh, and yay for the new colour scheme – I rather like it 🙂

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