…who swallowed a fly, perhaps she’ll die?…

Well, maybe it’s not quite a life or death situation, but I’m feeling an element of emnity between myself and the mosquito species at the moment. On Saturday the chaplaincy had a Water Fight Night, where we all met up at Julian’s house with water pistols and ran around Wivenhoe soaking each other. It was great fun, but it turns out that various insects enjoyed our evening too! Everyone who went to the Water Fight Night came into uni today covered in insect bites, which wasn’t much fun. I didn’t have too many bites, but those that I did have were large and swollen, and in very inconsiderate places. I had bites on the tops of my feet, so that I couldn’t walk without them rubbing on my shoes. I had them up the sides of my legs, so that they rubbed on my trousers as I walked. And worst of all I had one large one behind my knee, so that every movement of the muscle irritated it. I could hardly walk!! Which obviously meant that walking onto campus was a serious problem for me. So I decided to catch a bus. But of course it’s a bank holiday today, so I had to catch a bus into town first and wait for almost an hour for a bus going to the university. Grrr. Thankfully now I’ve got some cream to put on it, so hopefully I’ll get a better night’s sleep tonight.

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