Yey! It’s sunny!! Apparently it’s gonna top 27 degrees C today – pretty hot for England! I went onto campus this morning, despite it being my day off, to spend some time by the lake. It was really nice, just sitting, sketching the scenery, slowing getting a tan… nice! Don’t think I put Amy off too much either – she was revising. I actually felt quite guilty, just lounging around while everyone else was busy revising. I still remember what it was like to be studying, and to be honest I’m glad I’m not having to do it any more!

Ooh, we may also have found a nice house to live in next year! Anne-Marie and I went to see it on Wednesday. It’s fairly near town, but it’s actually a really quiet neighbourhood, and not one that would normally have rented properties in it, so it’s a lovely house! Nice spacious rooms, simple garden, smallish kitchen, enormous lounge/diner, garage (with light and power!!), and very reasonable rent. I think we may well decide to inquire further with this house, it’s just so lovely. Just need to make sure we can persuade the letting agency that we are financially stable…

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