I had to dig out my cello this morning. I had been asked to play cello for a wedding at Fordham church, and it occurred to me that I hadn’t actually played it since the last time I played at a Sunday service at Fordham, which would have been before last summer!! Thankfully I could still remember how to play, and everything went fine. It did feel odd to be back though. I haven’t been to that church in so long, and it was so nice to be playing in that music group again with those lovely acoustics. I did get asked whether I would be coming back to their church next year… still not sure where I’m going at the moment. The Chaplaincy has also expressed an interest in having me stay around and lead the music there next year, and people at St John’s have also got their eye on me! I’ll have to do some more thinking and praying about it, see what happens.

We’ve got our chaplaincy social tonight – Water Fight Night!! Not entirely sure what to expect with that one. I know Alex and Ellie have got something up their sleeves, just not entirely sure what it is yet! The tricky bit for me will be juggling water pistols and my camera – there are gonna be so many good opportunities for taking photos, but I don’t really want to get my camera wet!!

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