I went on a conference this week. It was organised by New Wine, and was specifically aimed at church leaders. Obviously some of it didn’t really apply to me, as the chaplaincy isn’t a church in the traditional sense! But some of it I found quite useful. We had RT Kendall giving some of the talks, and Martin Layzell leading worship (which was fantastic!). I think one of the most useful things for me was the seminar I went to on ‘recognising and avoiding burnout’. I learnt a lot about what it is to push yourself too far, and it was actually quite scary. I think there were a couple of times (most notably just before the two Dunamis events this year) when I’ve been very close to being burnt out, what with everything I have been doing. I had most of the symptoms they described in the seminar, which was particularly worrying, as they were talking in a timeframe of a matter of years, while I had somehow condensed it down into a matter of months… I think what I’ve got out of all of that is that I need to make time to just relax and spend some quality time with God and not take on too much at once!!

In other news, Esther and Anne-Marie went and saw a house this week while I was on the conference. Seems they’re both quite excited about it – sounds like a fantastic house! I’m going to have to arrange a second viewing so that I can go and see it, but it’s just such a relief that things are actually moving now. It’s all very exciting!!!

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Phill · 15 May 2005 at 5:19 pm

Things are moving now? That’s strange – I didn’t think you’d be moving for a few weeks at least 😉

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