A friend of mine came into the chaplaincy today and proudly proclaimed “I’m going to be on Trisha”. After an assortment of reactions and facial expressions from those of us in the room, he proceeded to explain to us that he had got bored on Saturday evening and e-mailed Trisha saying that he was a Bible-believing Christian who was living with a Muslim, a gay, a cross-dresser, a nudist and a drunkard, and could he come on the show. Apparently they phoned back on Monday to ask them how soon they could come on the show!! It’s a crazy, crazy world. Not sure that it’ll actually happen though – the Muslim doesn’t practise, the gay hasn’t officially come out yet, the cross-dresser has only worn women’s clothing twice (and those were for parties), and the nudist wears trousers. Sounds to me very much like my friend has exaggerated ever so slightly…

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