I’ve only just begun to realise that my life as I know it is coming to an end. Sounds rather apocolyptic, doesn’t it? It’s not really as bad as all that, I’m just conscious that certain things I’ve done this year I’ll never have the chance to do again. I’ll never organise another Dunamis event, I’ll never lead Fusion again, I’ll never design publicity for Freshers’ Week again…

This all started last night, when I was talking to Ian about how he was no longer president of the Law Society (they’ve just had the elections), and as he was reminiscing, I realised that I had reached that stage too. My successor has already been picked, though he doesn’t start until September. There’s not much left of my year as ChapAss, and I’ll never be able to do some of these things ever again! Next year I’ll be working from home, so no more coming onto campus for 9am (that might not be such a bad thing, on reflection), no more tidying the chaplaincy, no more making cups of tea for lazy students, no more designing posters and photocopying flyers, no more updating the chaplaincy web site… no more responsibility. I’ve really enjoyed my year as ChapAss, just as I really enjoyed my three years as a student, and I’ll really miss this lifestyle next year.

On the more positive side, of course, I’ll be able to take all the skills I’ve developed here and transfer them to other places. I’m sure God will continue to use me wherever he finds a place for me! No doubt I’ll still be designing and managing web sites, designing publicity, leading worship in church, and being a friend to people from all sorts of backgrounds! After all, this is life, this is what’s around us all wherever we go, I don’t have to be in the chaplaincy to meet people and serve them in what I do! I can see how I’ve grown this year, and it’s great to know that God will find further uses for these things in the future…

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Liz · 5 May 2005 at 8:44 pm

Trust me, you don’t get away that easily Matthew…..

Joe · 9 May 2005 at 3:56 pm

I dunno … Moving to the other end of the country seems to have helped the Colchester escape! Especially with a job that doesn’t pay very much …

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