I thought I had managed to put my degree behind me. I thought I had escaped the hold of the computers. But no. Last night I spent several hours *programming*. Not HTML (which is scripting and not really programming), not PHP (which is closer), but SQL. I’ve been programming a database to work with a web site! And it’s so cool!!! It involves a bit of intelligence to get up and running, but once it’s there it’s a doddle to include in web pages! What’s funny is that I did a whole module on SQL in my second year of my degree, and I think I learnt more in three hours playing around with PHP and MySQL than I did all that term!!

I’ve also gone all revolutionary and decided to try a new web browser. I can’t remember exactly what prompted it, but I decided to give Mozilla Firefox a go. It’s actually quite nice. It’s a little more picky when it comes to web pages, which is actually good for me because it means I notice more when things are exactly right with my code. But it’s also faster and more customisable, and has tabbed pages rather than cluttering up the taskbar with lots of windows. From my experience so far I’d highly recommend it to anyone. All good stuff!

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Phill · 10 May 2005 at 1:27 pm

Hi Matthew. I’m going to try and write this in a bulleted list because there are about three things I want to say!

  • SQL – nice one. SQL you use whatever programming language you use, so it’s probably the most useful thing you could know. I’ve got much more into it working where I do, a lot of our stuff is database driven so if you need a hand let me know 🙂
  • Glad you’ve come to the light side and are using Firefox! Now you’ll be able to see my website properly 🙂 There is one extension you have to get, once you start using it you’ll never look back – it’s called “All-in-One Gestures”. Basically lets you right-click and drag the mouse in various shapes to do stuff, i.e. down-right minimises the window and down-left closes. I miss that when I use another browser / another PC!

Anonymous · 12 May 2005 at 4:12 pm


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