Investing in the future

It’s all been quite exciting the last few days! Yesterday I met up with Anne-Marie and Esther, with whom I’ll be house-sharing next year, and we looked at houses in the paper and on the internet, trying to find places we liked! It was so much fun! I’ve not done this since my first year at uni, and even then the house was found by someone else and I just agreed to live there!! We’ve got a long list now of houses we want to view. I don’t know how we’re going to get out to see them, some are scattered far and wide across Colchester.

The other exciting thing is that I’m in a position now where I think I can afford to buy a car!! How cool is that?!!! I’ve already been on the AutoTrader web site, and did arrange to go and see a nice Mini the other day, but someone got there before me so I’ll just have to keep looking. It does make me feel very grown up though, looking at houses and cars and investigating car insurance and all that… Yey!!