Woohoo!! I’ve just been into town and bought myself a guitar!! This has kinda been brewing ever since I went to Spring Harvest over Easter, and felt really inspired to take music seriously and do more worship leading, and I felt part of that calling involved buying myself a decent guitar. I know some might just see that as an excuse, but I really do feel God was calling me do this! And it’s worked out so well – I’ve now got a Fender Stratacoustic, which looks like an electric guitar but with an acoustic body! It’s so cool! And it plays really easily, which is exactly what I wanted, as it allows me to let the guitar play itself while I focus my attention on other more important things. Yay!!

As for the veggie saga, several people have now advised me not to bother labelling myself one way or the other, but to just eat what I want to eat and not worry about it. Sounds fair enough. I guess I may have bee worrying about it a little too much, on reflection! So I’m not a veggie, I’m just me. I just happen to not be eating meat at the moment…

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