I was chatting to Amy today in the chaplaincy (she popped down for a cup of tea – always a good idea), and the idea popped up of going travelling. I think Amy would quite like to go further afield, though probably more in the future. Anyway, I think we’d both quite like to go on a road trip round Europe, which would be quite fun!! Give us a good chance to see places properly, at our own pace, and cutting out places that don’t necessarily appeal to us. Obviously I’d need to buy a car, and we’d need to save up for it, but it would be so cool!! Ideally I think we’d quite like to get someone else to come with us, three just sounds like a better number than two, and would save us getting bored of each others’ company (I doubt it would happen, but better not to take the risk!). We’d probably aim to go next summer, probably driving through places like France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, maybe Poland, maybe Italy… I can’t wait!!! Of course it’s all early days yet, I mean we only thought of the idea this lunchtime, so it might not happen at all, but it sounds like so much fun!

In other news, I’ve started tidying my room. It was a tip, I hadn’t had a chance to tidy it in several weeks, and it was really showing. I’ve dealt with almost all the paperwork now, and I’ve made a start on the ironing, which just leaves the hoovering to do tomorrow. Then I can start on the rest of the house… Good old spring cleaning! If only the weather would catch on and let the sun out again…

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Phill · 15 April 2005 at 9:03 am

Matthew, I have no idea why this post has appeared at the bottom. This was a bug I had on my machine at home but not on the server I’ve put this on. It might be a bug with the PHP sort function… I’ll try and drop you an updated version of the php file at some point 🙂

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