I’ve been walking onto campus recently, on account of my bike having a flat tire, which has given me plenty of time for thinking about things along the way. Most notably, I’ve been planning out a short film that I would love to make around campus, basically a tribute to the original Italian Job film! The idea is to have three Minis driving round campus, doing all sorts of crazy stuff! I’ve got a route planned out, and the rough outlines of some plot. My main problem at the moment is why they are going onto campus in the first place – they really do need to be going in to *get* something, I’m just not sure what that would be. I want to keep it fairly student-oriented, so robbing the bank probably isn’t a great idea!! It would also be nice if it somehow linked in with Italy, just for added reference!!

I doubt the film will ever be made, it would just cost too much. For a start I’d need to buy three Minis, and hire people to drive them, and filming equipment and cameramen, and get permission from the university to drive down their steps and on their grass! If I had nothing else to do, I could probably direct it, edit it, produce it, compose the soundtrack, act in it, and market it. But I’d need a lot of spare time for that!!!

Ah well, if I dream hard enough, maybe one day it’ll happen…

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Megan · 20 April 2005 at 11:59 pm

That sounds absolutely fabulous. I suggest having an Italian student in some sort of “danger” – perhaps being held captive by campus police b/c they believe he’s in the mafia? OK, so it’s not the best plot twist… Even if this doesn’t actually come to fruition, I think it’s great that you are dreaming. Keep it up 🙂

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