I did far too much walking yesterday. First of all I walked from my house to Amy’s house (about 40 mins), then from there to St John’s Church (another 30 mins). After the morning service we were kindly given a lift back to campus, where I did another service with the Chaplaincy. After that I went for a walk round the lakes and round the outskirts of campus, just because it was a nice day. Then I walked from campus back to Amy’s, and then on to St John’s again for the evening service. After that we were again given a lift back to Amy’s, from where I walked back home. I don’t like walking. My feet hurt.

I’ve also been locked out of my computer today, which is slightly less than useful. I fiddled with the settings to make it more secure, but the result is that now I can’t get in myself!! Will have to sort that out this evening… Means walking home though. I don’t like walking. My feet hurt.

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