I was sitting at a train station yesterday, and heard this announcement:

“This train is delayed by approximately … 25 … minutes. I’m sorry for the late running of this service.”

Great, so now when there are train problems we get a personal apology from a computer… I wonder how many other things could be updated this way? Maybe buses could be fitted with similar systems – “The bus driver on this service is drunk. I apologise for any delay caused by this.” Or maybe planes could have an automated system – “This plane is about to take off. I apologise for any air sickness this may cause, and for leaving without your luggage.”

A group of us went to a pub in Wivenhoe today. Never been to The Flag before – was quite nice though. Fairly empty at that time of day, but it was nice to have the place almost to ourselves. I had a look through the menu, and was disappointed to see how few veggie options there were, and ended up having a tuna baguette, which was very tasty! It was only when I was about to get up and go that I noticed the sign on the wall that said “full vegetarian menu available all day” – typical! Never mind, I’ll know for next time…

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Phill · 13 April 2005 at 9:23 am

This is an automated response to your blog post. There is no need to panic. Please return to your seats. We will now return you to abnormal programming.

Matthew's Dad · 13 April 2005 at 1:49 pm

This is an automated response to the previous automated response to an earlier blog entry. We apologise for any… abnormal programming …appearing on these pages. Readers intending to catch the next blog entry from… platform 5 …should be aware that it’s author may be exhibiting symptoms of sideways humour. This is due to… inherited gleefulness …and the management makes no apology for any mirth this may cause.

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